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New Years Eve 2015

There are years when the forces of our social lives pull us in many different, equally compelling directions on new years eve. For the editorial staff here at Volumes of Bass, this is certainly not one of those years. We plan to ring in 2016 in the capable hands of DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid.

This year’s party marks the 15th anniversary of their live performance debut and they’ve invited a venerable array of performers to help them and you celebrate, starting with none other than Qué Bajo‘s own Uproot Andy. A luminary of the so-called global bass movement, Uproot’s releases over the years have proven indispensable to any deejay wishing to bring an authentic and updated sound to their sets of cumbia, dancehall, salsa, reggaeton, and even bachata. His latest effort, drawing from Dominican dembow and Brazilian baile funk is currently being blown up by everyone we follow on Soundcloud:

As if that wasn’t enough, you also get Portland’s own 22-piece samba band which has been known to perform with dancers in full Brazilian carnival regalia.

And to top it off, there’s Michael Bruce who you may remember from the phenomenal parties he’s thrown at Holocene, Rose Bar, and Valentines (Discos Discos, Gran Ritmos) featuring an unbeatable blend of latin club sounds. No doubt, it will be a night to remember.


Tijuana comes to Portland

DJ Chucuchu – Chucumix Vol. 2

This coming Saturday, February 7, something very special is happening at Valentine’s. DJ Chucuchu is coming all the way from Tijuana to bring the cumbia heat.

If I had to pick one word to sum up my excitement about this event it would be “authenticity”. While for many the Mexican border town conjures gritty images of crime and strife born of Narco Cinema and urban legend, the fact remains that it’s a city of 1.7 million that no-doubt supports the kind of club scene a Portlander can only dream of.

DJ Chucuchu

Reading his bio on the Facebook event page, it soon becomes evident that we’re dealing with a bonafide international act, someone whose toured in support of A-list rock bands and electronic performers alike. For those of you not familiar with cumbia, it’s been said that it is like what the rest of the hemisphere listens to the way we listen to rock and roll.

If you’ve been to Gran Ritmos‘ stellar parties, you’ve certainly heard cumbia, but like rock, it cannot be encompassed by just that particular taste. Just as the Beatles and Marilyn Manson share a single tenuous thread of influence, so do many cumbia artist, some decades and continents apart, share a genre that is every bit as much a chameleon.

For contrast, here’s a mix of much older cumbia by GJDJ entitled “Mega Mix Sonora Dinamita”

Gran Ritmos II

You might remember our publicity for the recent visit made to us here in Portland by members of Mexico City’s NAAFI as well as the monthly hosted at High Dive by Michael Bruce and the radio program of Coast2c.

Today’s post is about something of equal import that we here at Volumes of Bass have been meaning to share. This Friday, October 24 is the second installment of Gran Ritmos. And guess who’s playing it this time? None other than Coast2c and Michael Bruce themselves. Check out this dope mix the latter just dropped to promote it:

If you enjoyed the phenomenal Discos Discos parties Bruce used to throw at Holocene, you’ll appreciate the continuation of those nights’ format at The Rose, a venue that always draws in interesting mix of clientele.

No Fest 2014

In typical Volumes of Bass fashion, I’m about a week behind on this, but something irresistibly interesting is happening today.  I’m speaking, of course, of the 7th annual Nofest.

Shane performs at Nofest 2012 with the Dead Air Fresheners

I first caught Nofest in 2009. In case you find this kind of thing amusing, here’s proof (yes, that’s me in the yellow Amigos de las America‘s shirt). It was at this event oh-so-many years ago that I had my first exposure to Butoh,  a form of dance and/or theater which lives on in my weirdest dreams (Artslandia take not).

2012 was pretty epic. Too bad I was in the DR

The standout performance for me that year, which somehow didn’t make it into my show log was Pulse Emitter, signified by the fact that five years later I remember it (Stepmother,  however, it present as is Mattress.

Big Tings a Gwan

There are a couple of exciting developments here in Portland I wanted to take a minute to share. The first is Coast2C‘s new radio program. When I first saw her play at S1 with Daniela Karina a couple of months ago, I was refreshed to hear a house mix that didn’t include the seemingly obligatory detours into trap and ratchet I’m so used to putting up with, even from performers I respect at places I like to go.

I was then thrilled to discover she’s a staple at the First Saturdays at High Dive that the organizer behind the now-defunct Discos Discos nights has been putting on at High Dive.

First Saturdays at High Dive are not to be missed if you like Cumbia, Reggaeton, House, and more…

Now you can actually catch her on KBOO FM Tuesday nights starting at midnight. Here’s a recent recording from that. Not many DJ’s here in Portland are playing sets this interesting:

The other thing I’m losing my shit about is that NAAFI is bringing members of their Mexico City collective to Portland on September 18 as part of the unstoppable Club Chemtrail series at Holocene!!!

Followers of my SoundCloud may remember when I began repping tracks by Zutzut during my time in the Dominican Republic. Turns out he’s part of NAAFI, and even though he’s not coming, I couldn’t be more stoked.

More Current Than Thou

A theme a familiar to the citizens of Portland, Oregon and indeed to hipsterdom worldwide is the phenomenon of being into something “before it was cool”.

Q: Why did the hipster burn his mouth
A: He was drinking coffee before it was cool

The fact of the matter is that we are constantly drinking from a fire hose of media. The content that gets pushed out the most is most likely to be familiar. The volume you’d have consume to be the first person “into” everything that later becomes a fad makes it impossible. Even the most committed of us are surprised when it actually happens even once.

The sea is too mainstream for hipter Ariel

Frequent readers of Volumes of Bass will notice that we are usually anything but timely. We recently had the good fortune to stumble onto a dance phenomenon, however, which we were informed yesterday is having it’s day in the sun:

If you look at DJ Ripley’s comment in response, you’ll see that some of the kids featured in the documentary just performed at Lincoln Center Out of Doors. It turns out they even got a big write-up on NBC News, and whose unmistakable face is that behind the decks in the banner for the article? Why, it’s none other than DJ Edgar:

IBQT at Future Arts Festival

I was not prepared for the erotic experience that was IBQT at Future Arts Festival. I wasn’t turned on, but you could be forgiven if you had been. While it was evident that they were having fun with it, I was sincerely impressed with the cleverness of the lyrical noodling and wordplay.

Jonny and Cole share a bite
Jonny and Cole share a bite

IBQT – Spliffs (420 Version)

Their performance occupied that awkward space between amusing and genuinely catchy. And the effect is all the more when you consider that they’re dressed in matching satin bathrobes and have flawless delivery.

IBQT’s performance was a part of the ongoing Future Arts Festival at PSU

Future Arts Festival, June 20-22, 2014
Future Arts Festival, June 20-22, 2014

Here’s some more stuff for if sexy is what you’re looking for: