Vai Pirar

Just three weeks after the release of his baile funk mixtape, DJ Panaflex is back with his 6th installment, Réveillon Dutch 2016. This time, the focus is another Brazilian style, known to its producers as Dutch house or Latin house.


Panaflex told Volumes of Bass that this genre is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for him. “I don’t usually gravitate toward stuff this ‘progressive’,” he said, “but a couple of years ago when a mix by Kelvin Douglas and Guilherme Morais showed up in my Soundcloud feed, something about it captured my imagination.”

Many of the tracks in Réveillon Dutch 2016 originally featured the same raw style of rhythm track driven by vocal samples and tamborzão which can be found in his previous effort, Girando. The difference is that they have been remixed in a distinctive style often featuring two or three repeating notes in the bass line and a very uniform build/drop/breakdown structure.


“While building the playlist for this mix, I was stricken by how narrow the geographical distribution of the artists was. Almost every producer was from Porto Velho, a town of 500,000 in western Brazil.”


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