Although he’s been quiet the last couple of months, Volumes of Bass affiliate DJ Panaflex has been anything but unoccupied. Since last July, when we brought you his series of dispatches covering the tracks on his first mix, he’s gone on to put out no fewer than 3 full-length mixes as well as a mini-mix (to catch up, check out our mix section).

The artwork for Girando by DJ Panaflex features some of the artists whose tracks appear in the mix

For his latest, Girando, the Portland native returns to territory he explored in two of the tracks featured on Summer is a State of Mind. “Baile Funk is a style that’s been on my radar for a while,” he told V of B, “but it really took me by suprise recently when it began showing up in some of the remixes of trap and reggaeton being put out in mixes by other deejays I follow.”

The Key Wheel

Panaflex explained to us that the tracks in Girando are arranged by key, with nearly every transition made to a track directly adjacent on the key wheel to the track before it. “While trying to learn how to mix reggaeton, I discovered the importance of minimizing the amount of dissonance, which is what you get when you layer tracks that are in clashing keys.”

He says that building the playlist was his favorite part. “The Brazilian ‘funk’ artists are some of the most ecumenical in their sample sources. I’ve heard tracks based on everything from Talking Heads to the theme from Tom and Jerry.” As for the production style, he remarked that it was very forgiving to a beginner deejay like himself. “You can find places in nearly all of these tracks where it’s just the drums, or just a horn groove. It makes it easy when you’re looking for a place to start mixing in the next track.”