Not Your Grandpa’s Funk

Artist: DJ Mujava (Pretoria, South Africa)
Title: Township Funk (2008)

What can I say about DJ Mujava? For me he’s synonymous with Kwaito, a style of music related to house music that emerged in the urban centers of South Africa in late 90’s. Mujava is one of the reasons, along with the likes of DJ Spoko and Spoek Mathambo that South Africa is one of the most interesting places right now to look for new dance music. Released nearly 7 years ago, Township Funk is the oldest track on Summer is a State of Mind. Its title makes reference to the impoverished shantytowns that comprise much of the urban fabric of cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria.

Portland’s DJ Panaflex has been spinning the weirdest of mixes in his bedroom since late last year. We’re proud to bring you his freshmen effort, Summer is a State of Mind. At just over 50 minutes, this mix features 17 examples of why getting a midi controller and a copy of Traktor Pro was something he couldn’t put off a second longer.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing with you his notes on the tracks that make up Summer is a State of Mind.


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