Close Encounters of the Danish Kind

Artist: Kid Antoine (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Title: Expected Encounter (2014)

Kid Antoine belongs in a short list, for me, with Dubbel Dutch, Murlo, and maybe a few others. They all use a similar kind of musical color and they all have this sense for rhythm that moves forward in jumps and starts. The drum samples have a kind of character to them that’s found in a lot of dancehall, raggaeton, and bubbling, but they steer clear entirely, favoring instead a sound that is more sterile and mysterious. It reminds me a lot of the kinds of things you hear coming from Mexico City lately. Expected Encounter is easily my #1 track of 2014.

Portland’s DJ Panaflex has been spinning the weirdest of mixes in his bedroom since late last year. We’re proud to bring you his freshmen effort, Summer is a State of Mind. At just over 50 minutes, this mix features 17 examples of why getting a midi controller and a copy of Traktor Pro was something he couldn’t put off a second longer.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing with you his notes on the tracks that make up Summer is a State of Mind.


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