Cloud Club

Artist: Dubbel Dutch (New York City, USA)
Title: Dip So (2013)

If there is a single emotion I associate with Brooklyn producer Dubbel Dutch, it’s yearning. He has this amazing knack for creating a sort of melancholy vastness that makes you nostalgic for experiences you haven’t had yet. It was no surprise to see him turn up in the producer credits for Popcaan’s Where We Come From, given that album’s dream sequence vibe. For Dip So, he went elsewhere in the Caribbean to get the source of the sped up patois vocal from Barbadian singer, Shontelle. I can’t get over that synth groove. I like to pretend I first heard it on a packed dance floor feeling blissed out with all of my friends.

Portland’s DJ Panaflex has been spinning the weirdest of mixes in his bedroom since late last year. We’re proud to bring you his freshmen effort, Summer is a State of Mind. At just over 50 minutes, this mix features 17 examples of why getting a midi controller and a copy of Traktor Pro was something he couldn’t put off a second longer.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing with you his notes on the tracks that make up Summer is a State of Mind.


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