Showin Off

Artist: MC Nego Bam (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Title: Ela Tira Onda (DJ F2) (2014)

In Portuguese, the phrase ela tira onda means something like, “she flosses” or “she shows off”. I don’t know much Portuguese, so it’s lucky for me that “Armani” and “Louis Vuitton” require no translation. I have to admit, it took me a while to fully embrace the sound of funk carioca from Brazil, but now that it’s infected me, I find I’m often grasping to find all the hits that were my introduction to the style. When you do find a good, seminal mix of the stuff from the 90’s, good luck ever getting a tracklisting. I’m grateful to DJ Edgar for breaking the norm and actually publishing the names of the artists and titles of tracks like this one. It’s a perfect example of the genre’s brazen forthrightness, with the singer holding for a whole note the swear word that in English rhymes with “truck”.

Portland’s DJ Panaflex has been spinning the weirdest of mixes in his bedroom since late last year. We’re proud to bring you his freshmen effort, Summer is a State of Mind. At just over 50 minutes, this mix features 17 examples of why getting a midi controller and a copy of Traktor Pro was something he couldn’t put off a second longer.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing with you his notes on the tracks that make up Summer is a State of Mind.


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