De Donde Soy

Artist: Morebrains & WOOGIE (Milan, Italy & Scranton, USA)
Title: Jumanji (2014)

I love when I can let a track play at full volume from the very beginning with an entire minute remaining in the track before it and just let them both develop on their own unattended. By the time you hear nothing but Jumanji, the beat has given way to the kind of lo-fi Casio plucked string featured in so much old school reggaeton. Then next thing you know, you’re at Tomorrowland, rolling out of your mind. This wasn’t really the direction I saw this mix heading, but I think we all need a little bit of 4/4 kick drum in our lives and I waited til the 16:25 mark, so I have no regrets. I tried finding the origin of that vocal sample and it turns out it’s been chopped up and quantized beyond recognition. Still gives me a chuckle every time the second part of it plays without the lead-in.

Portland’s DJ Panaflex has been spinning the weirdest of mixes in his bedroom since late last year. We’re proud to bring you his freshmen effort, Summer is a State of Mind. At just over 50 minutes, this mix features 17 examples of why getting a midi controller and a copy of Traktor Pro was something he couldn’t put off a second longer.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing with you his notes on the tracks that make up Summer is a State of Mind.


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