Tijuana comes to Portland

DJ Chucuchu – Chucumix Vol. 2

This coming Saturday, February 7, something very special is happening at Valentine’s. DJ Chucuchu is coming all the way from Tijuana to bring the cumbia heat.

If I had to pick one word to sum up my excitement about this event it would be “authenticity”. While for many the Mexican border town conjures gritty images of crime and strife born of Narco Cinema and urban legend, the fact remains that it’s a city of 1.7 million that no-doubt supports the kind of club scene a Portlander can only dream of.

DJ Chucuchu

Reading his bio on the Facebook event page, it soon becomes evident that we’re dealing with a bonafide international act, someone whose toured in support of A-list rock bands and electronic performers alike. For those of you not familiar with cumbia, it’s been said that it is like what the rest of the hemisphere listens to the way we listen to rock and roll.

If you’ve been to Gran Ritmos‘ stellar parties, you’ve certainly heard cumbia, but like rock, it cannot be encompassed by just that particular taste. Just as the Beatles and Marilyn Manson share a single tenuous thread of influence, so do many cumbia artist, some decades and continents apart, share a genre that is every bit as much a chameleon.

For contrast, here’s a mix of much older cumbia by GJDJ entitled “Mega Mix Sonora Dinamita”


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