Getting to Know Jumpstyle

In preparation for the presentation he’s giving a little more than a week from now at Getting To Know You(Tube), Charlie Thompson will be sharing some examples of music and dance here on Volumes of Bass. To get things started, Charlie shared with us a letter he wrote to a friend about a style of dance called Jumpstyle with origins in Europe that has enjoyed popularity there for little more than a decade.

Unfortunately most of what’s out there on YouTube has the music dubbed over the actual audio and it has relatively poor synchronization with the steps of the dancers, so sometimes you just have to imagine they’re in time with the track you’re hearing (it’s a real bummer, I know).

This one’s good for starters. Please feel free to click through all the amusingly bad intro material since it doesn’t really contribute a whole lot besides an exaggerated air of self-congratulation. The closing stuff and even during the credits and after is heartwarming and gives a bit of a glimpse into the culture:

This one saves its cheesiest videography for the middle. Note that these two are Russian. I keep digging and digging for this one I saw of an annual Polish meetup because I thought it best typified what I’ve seen after consuming example after example of this stuff:

I love this one from the Czech Republic because of how young and wholesome everyone looks. It also has the best music (OMG, did I just admit that I like the music? What are people going to think):

And finally, still not the one I had hoped to find, but a big annual thing from Poland:


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