Explicit Beats

Earlier this year, DJ Umb of Generation Bass put forth somewhat of a pioneering collection of tracks which we can only guess were painstakingly culled from the disorganized and poorly-credited labyrinth of pay-per-click hosting and Facebook updates found at the vanguard of emerging music scenes that lack formal means of promotion and distribution.

DJ Marfox performs at Red Bull Academy

What makes this mix special is that all of the tracks in it can be described as part of a new genre known in Portugal as fodencia, a word which can be more or less translated as, “fuckery”. Something that makes fodencia interesting is that DJs who play it can’t get bookings in Portuguese clubs. Currently there is a ban on it due to its sexual nature, a situation a bit perplexing  given the fact that almost every example we can find of the stuff is 99% instrumental. Have a listen:

As we’ve been finding in our exploration of bubbling/reggaeton/latin house/moombahton, variations of a single rhythm, played at different tempos tend to develop unique aesthetics that coalesce in the form of distinct genres. In the case of kuduro you have a very fast kind of beat which, when slowed down, gives you a very different feel. Various artists have taken this in different directions and one of those is what has come to be known as fodencia.



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