No Fest 2014

In typical Volumes of Bass fashion, I’m about a week behind on this, but something irresistibly interesting is happening today.  I’m speaking, of course, of the 7th annual Nofest.

Shane performs at Nofest 2012 with the Dead Air Fresheners

I first caught Nofest in 2009. In case you find this kind of thing amusing, here’s proof (yes, that’s me in the yellow Amigos de las America‘s shirt). It was at this event oh-so-many years ago that I had my first exposure to Butoh,  a form of dance and/or theater which lives on in my weirdest dreams (Artslandia take not).

2012 was pretty epic. Too bad I was in the DR

The standout performance for me that year, which somehow didn’t make it into my show log was Pulse Emitter, signified by the fact that five years later I remember it (Stepmother,  however, it present as is Mattress.


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