Popping Bubbels Part 1

After my post last week I was pointed in the direction of what I suppose is a more authentic or old school example of “bubbling” (thanks, Helder Water). It seems to follow a pattern of appropriation some of us experienced growing up in the 90’s as the amen break was coming into its own.

DJ Moortje – I’m Back (1996)

Around the time some EDM producers, particularly in the UK, were reimagining the more aggressive side of dancehall reggae as a style which would come to be known as Ragga Jungle, it turns out Holland was busy coming up with its own reinvention of the sound. Instead of sampling breaks from old funk records, they tended to concentrate more on the rapidfire kick drum fills that are the hallmark of today’s bubbeling tracks.

Here’s what bubbeling dance looks like (1995)

Yes, the same culture which brought you Gabber and took Jumpstyle to the world stage also has a dedicated subculture of mostly black, urban partygoers who invented a style of music and dance around what sounds to me like the speeding up of dancehall reggae records.

Here’s the direction England was taking around the same time:

Shy FX & UK Apache – Original Nuttah (1994)


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