Return of the Partycrasher

Last month we shared with readers the enthusiasm felt by one of Moomahbahton’s a-list for a track by an artist who was fundamental to the development Dutch House. It turns out the former actually gets its name from a track by said artist. Here it is remixed by the artist generally credited with “inventing” the genre:

Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie – Moombah (Dave Nada Remix)

A brief foray into the artist behind the original mix of Moombahton’s eponymous track reveals two things. The first is that he’s responsible for a syndicated radio show that comes out roughly every week and features material that will appeal to readers with more bigroom-friendly sensibilities. Here’s the latest edition:

DJ Chuckie – Dirty Dutch Radio Episode 64

The second thing is that it’s unclear how music like this led to the creation of Moombahton.

Here’s something completely unrelated for Laura who commented on my last post:

DJ Marfox – Beat and Break

On the to-do list:
How this ties in with the Night Slugs aesthetic and artists like Bok Bok
What this has to do with grime
How a grime artist turned me onto Kwaito


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