From Angola with Love

A couple of days ago, I featured a mix of what some have begun to refer to as Portuguese Bass. I won’t pretend to really have my finger on the throbbing pulse of what’s going on at the cutting edge of Lisbon’s suburbs and the ghettos of Luanda. All I have to offer is a chain of musical comparisons and observations. I will admit that none of this remarkably accomplished, yet still rugged and experimental material would be on my radar right now if it wasn’t for Buraka Som Sistema.

Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro

A key word here is Kuduro. In 2010, reggaeteonero Don Omar teamed up with Portuguese-French pop star Lucenzo and put out Danza Kuduro, a track which, at least in Dominican clubs and dance parties, continues to get rinsed four years later. On YouTube it has almost 590,000,000 views.

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo

While not the aggressive class of street-level production found in the mix from last last weekend’s post, it offers perhaps the only example recognizable to many Americans of a track driven by kuduro’s saturated, slapping sort of snare (or is that a handclap?) in a stuttering pattern that resembles a sped-up reggaeton.

Perhaps appropriately, some of the best Kuduro tracks are remixes of American top 40 hits and club tracks. Here’s DZC’s remix of Baauer’s 2012 viral sensation, Harlem Shake:

Baauer – Harlem Shake Kuduro Mashup 2013 (DZC Remix)

Of course it has original classics as well.

Nacobeta & Puto Português – Baba Baba


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