DZC Deejays – RhythmExplorer Mix Vol.3

Dizona Crew (DZC Deejays) is one of the most consistently impressive sources of African bass music to capture my attention in years. It’s a remarkable feat to have such quality control when you consider the sheer volume of output available from them and the frequency of releases.

The latest installment of the excellent RhythmExplorers series features 50 minutes of choice DZC material

The thing about DZC is that their musical trajectory follows the colorful, unscripted, raw trajectory that has always been a hallmark of electronic dance music but which, it seems to me, has enjoyed a revitalization thanks to the variety of channels and increased diversity of influences seen as the web, well into its third decade, finally begins to deliver on the promise of a truly global musical conversation between artists in the form of DJ Mixes, podcasts, remixes, refixes, flips, rubs and versus tracks.

Munchi – Pun Ain’t Dead (Emynd Remix)

While not an example of the kind of music DZC makes, Philadelpha producer Emynd’s track is a remix of Pun Ain’t Dead by Munchi, a Dominican musician living in Rotterdam. The original and remix feature samples from Puerto Rican rapper Big Pun’s track 100%, the hook of which is comprised of a sample from the 1973 track, El Día de Mi Suerte by salseros Willie Colón and Héctor Lavoe. When did we start seeing tracks like this that span 3 genres and 4 countries?


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