More Current Than Thou

A theme a familiar to the citizens of Portland, Oregon and indeed to hipsterdom worldwide is the phenomenon of being into something “before it was cool”.

Q: Why did the hipster burn his mouth
A: He was drinking coffee before it was cool

The fact of the matter is that we are constantly drinking from a fire hose of media. The content that gets pushed out the most is most likely to be familiar. The volume you’d have consume to be the first person “into” everything that later becomes a fad makes it impossible. Even the most committed of us are surprised when it actually happens even once.

The sea is too mainstream for hipter Ariel

Frequent readers of Volumes of Bass will notice that we are usually anything but timely. We recently had the good fortune to stumble onto a dance phenomenon, however, which we were informed yesterday is having it’s day in the sun:

If you look at DJ Ripley’s comment in response, you’ll see that some of the kids featured in the documentary just performed at Lincoln Center Out of Doors. It turns out they even got a big write-up on NBC News, and whose unmistakable face is that behind the decks in the banner for the article? Why, it’s none other than DJ Edgar:


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