Wine ah de Century

Not far down a rabbit hole that opens when discovering Moombahton, one is almost certain to find him- or herself in the world of Dutch House, or “Dirty Dutch” as it is known in certain corners of the internet. Brooklyn-based producer Dubbel Dutch is responsible for some of the finest examples of music inspired by the Dutch’s keen ear for the bashment club vibe.

Dubbel Dutch – Dip So

Something interesting about this example is that the vocal samples belong to a singer who has been referred to of late as fellow Barbadian, Rihanna’s heir apparent.

Rihanna feat. J-Status & Shontelle – Roll It

Contrary to the impression you may have gotten watching the video, the lyrics actually express the singer’s appreciation for what she considers an ample physique.

Waistline me have plenty
And prepare fi de wine ah de century
Me look good and me fresh and me clean
Ah you nah ready fi de Bajan Queen

If you just close you’re eyes it’s easy to imagine she’s offering encouragement to women so often mistreated by show biz’s impossible body standards. If you’re going “who the hell is Shontelle”, here’s the one you’ve probably heard before:

Shontelle – Impossible

You may remember we mentioned Rihanna a couple of days ago in the same breath as Lil Kim, whose own successor, Tiffany Foxx, has been making waves for more than a year now:

Tiffany Foxx – Jellybean

In perhaps the most overt example of women’s adoption of the male rap persona to date, Foxx’s latest release which dropped last month is entitled King Foxx. Let’s hope the irony isn’t lost on her that her debut album was called “HERstory”.


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