Girl Power

You may remember from a week ago our treatment of what seems a new requirement of women in hip hop and R&B to have the kind of braggadocio traditionally belonging to men.

Azealia Banks

Until recently female swagger followed a trajectory better-suited to the traditional genders roles found in the lyrics of female rappers like Lil Kim in this gem from a track by our old friend, 50 Cent:

Lil’ Kim not a whore
But I sex a nigga so good, he gotta tell his boys

Since that track dropped, around the time some of the oldest of the millennials were in college, a lot has gone on. The aforementioned Rihanna rocketed to super-stardom just two years later with the unforgettable Pon de Replay.

Rihanna – Pon De Replay (Re-Verbz Moombah Bootleg)

The track prominently features the slack patois of the singer’s native Barbados.

For no reason at all, here is one of the dopest things ever to come out of Moombahton:

MRRSN – Alegria


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