Rum Pum Pah Pum

As Kanye has so abundantly demonstrated, “raw” isn’t always the same thing as “authentic”. But when it comes to female performers, it seems being “hard” has a kind of currency that is a little puzzling in the context of America’s heteronormativity:

Beyoncé – Bow Down

To claim urban music’s “queendom”, part of the role now seems to involve a kind of swagger once considered the domain of artists like Ice Cube who proclaimed in 2003,

To fuck with Ice Cube
You gotta shit talk, big talk, crip walk
Bang hard, run yards, flip cars

It is no surprise, then, that we’ve turned to the West Indies, with its tradition of killing sound boys and shooting sheriffs to give us our archetype for music’s bad gyal

Rihanna – Man Down

Who better to typify this kind of female manliness that Barbadian singer, Rihanna?

Nonviolent rapper, Lauryn Hill also approves of killing sound boys:


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