Bismillah, Yes

Yesterday I wrote about DJ /Rupture and his contribution to the canon of the amen break. It should be noted that his work goes far beyond that narrow facet of electronic music. You may have noted that Gold Teeth Thief features the instrumental for Oochie Wally by Nas. This, in turn, is made up of samples taken from an album many consider an example of the orientalism inspired by the hippy movement.

Gong – Bambooji

While some artist would be content to allow “Middle Eastern” music of western origin such as this to a inform their aesthetic, a perusal of /Rupture’s output reveals that this is not his MO. If you had listened to his Mudd Up radio show, you would have noticed just how authentic his selections from this part of the world are.

Azeddine – Choufou Zwaj Lgawria

If it wasn’t for DJ /Rupture I would never have heard Chaabi artists like Azeddine and been aware of Moroccan, Algerian, and Berber people’s strange and beautiful love affair with auto-tune.

Here is a forum post that captures the phenomenon far better than I possibly could.


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