Amens I have Known: Part 4

The third artist I encountered, after kid606 and Lesser, who really “opened the throttle” on amen breaks, was DJ /Rupture. In 2002 I got my hands on a copy of Gold Teeth Thief. The moment at 4:50 when he drops the amen rinse from Badman Time by DJ Scud followed by Barrington Levy‘s inspired vocal stylings, will forever be etched in my mind.

Barrington Levy – Here I Come

DJ /Rupture – Gold Teeth Thief (Check out 4:50)

What is this? Jungle? Breakcore? Without artists like DJ /Rupture, we are beholden to the almighty genre and record label to give context to music we are exposed to. I would argue that until you embrace the idea of the DJ set as a form of artistic expression, it is impossible to fully appreciate electronic dance music and understand the futility of language and business to confine it within limits.


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