Amens I have Known: Part 3

Discovering breakcore and, contemporaneously, being introduced to Napster’s actual heir in the world of filesharing has an effect I imagine is not unlike graduating from marijuana to cocaine. This is especially true when the quality control of all you have known prior is restricted by the rigid confines of marketability for album sales.

I’ll be damned, though, if I didn’t manage to ride the crest of one of the last honest examples of a brick and mortar record label in its heyday. Just a year after the release of Down with the Scene, 2001 saw the release of a compilation album, the likes of which have not been seen since.

The release that started it all for me (Catalog #: meow012)

While it contains enough inspired material to fill an entire blog with nothing else, a high school kid with a predilection for amen breaks might naturally gravitate toward Lesser‘s contribution, Mensa Dunce Squad (Leg Up Program).

Lesser – Mensa Dunce Squad (Leg Up Program)

As the title suggests, the track consists of a treatment of the amen break in the context of IDM which seeks to lampoon the very concept that “dance music” can be “intelligent”.

Perhaps ironically, the result is what some would consider an intellectual accomplishment. Not only does it work musically, but it manages to cover ground I doubt anyone else has treaded prior or since.

Mind blown.



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