Amens I have Known: Part 2

A running joke I find some people around me riffing on is that every genre has its “-core” version. This phenomenon finds perhaps its purest expression in the existence of such actual things as mumblecore and normcore.

Purported examples of normcore fashion (nobody seems able to agree on what the term actually means)

In the case of the amen break, the “core” is breakcore. Breakcore artists like Enduser and Venetian Snares sample the amen break even faster and more aggressively than in its native domain of jungle. Consider this jungle track from 1997:

We – Magnesium Flares

With all its verve and springiness, it may seem absurd to describe this as “subdued”. And perhaps that isn’t the correct way of characterizing how it is contrasted with breakcore. Maybe a better way to describe it is to say breakcore is more likely to scare you.

Abelcain – Nox Hymnos

Panacea – Stormbringer

Angerfist – Street Fighter (Bong-Ra Remix)


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